Sister Agency of Soho Communications, London

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Based in Dubai’s World Trade Centre and founded in 2023, JBH Public Relations is an established PR consultancy firm and the sister PR agency of UK Soho Communications. J&H Communications changed its name to Soho Communications this year and was founded in 2018 by one of the UK’s most experienced public relations specialists and PR entrepreneurs, James Henderson. Over the last five years, Soho Communications has been at the forefront of some major media stories and PR campaigns, ranging from advising Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York to representing Sir Rocco Forte and his hotel group Rocco Forte Hotels to positioning Nyetimber as the preeminent English sparkling wine. Most recently, Soho Communications has devised the current tourist tax campaign, which is becoming a daily media topic and now engaging key politicians about the possibility of changing existing legislation.

James Henderson moved to Dubai in early 2023 in order to set up a sister agency given the current growth dynamics of the Gulf region which is suited to his 35+ years of communications experience.

James founded JBH in Dubai to offer a range of communications skills spanning issues management, brand building, media know-how and corporate strategies. Over the last 35 years, he has developed an unrivalled track record in generating high-impact media coverage across all areas. He prides himself on making the “Unknown” “Known” and managing highly sensitive situations.

Our expertise goes well beyond communications activities and encompasses strategic business development, identifying potential partners and investors, plus broader stakeholder engagement activities. In our experience, building a stronger reputation means believing in what you offer, communicating regularly and effectively, and acting openly and consistently. If the world doesn’t understand or appreciate what you are doing, you cannot expect to be in control of how you are perceived.


Generating High-Impact International Media Coverage

London in the UK is seen as a media capital of Europe. UK media is frequently replicated online throughout the world in all key regions. Building brand and messaging for international companies and individuals is dependent on achieving an international profile. We deliver high-impact media in the UK, the US and other European countries for our clients of unparalleled quality. A core offering in the Gulf region will be our prowess in generating an international media profile for our clients.

Our Key Clients