Our Vision

Having worked across a range of clients in the Middle East for many years, we believe it is the prime destination for businesses of all kinds at the moment. Strategic communications will have a very important role to play in enforcing long term sustainability of the region and its businesses, that is why we are focused on building the leading strategic communications consultancy in the region and providing the most senior & experienced advice.

With track record in building world leading PR businesses in the past and a dynamic sister agency in London, we are excited to have the time and energy to work in this region.

Today, reputation can be built or lost faster than ever before. In an age when online media content and social media reaction is transforming the way news is transmitted and consumed, public perception has never been more easily influenced or more volatile. Quite literally, reputation can be made or lost overnight.

Our team empowers individuals, firms and brands to negotiate this new world, whether they are seeking to build, repair or protect a reputation.


Strategise, Strengthen, Succeed

In our experience, building a positive reputation means believing in what you offer, acting openly and consistently and treating those you are dealing with fairly. But it also means communicating regularly and effectively. If the world doesn’t understand or appreciate what you are doing, you cannot expect to be in control of how you are perceived. Our team has decades of experience of helping companies and brands establish themselves in the marketplace or launching new ventures, building the profile of CEOs and individuals as trusted commentators and thought leaders, building networks and mounting campaigns of all kinds to raise awareness.

We also have in-depth experience handling reputation issues for listed and private companies among analysts, investors and the wider financial community. Hard-won reputations can be lost in the blink of an eye in today’s media and business climate especially with social and online media. This means reacting quickly and appropriately when things go wrong is more important than ever before.

In general, our experience tells us that when mistakes are made despite your best intentions, honesty and transparency – and a clearly communicated plan to do better in future – are what is required. Reputation is about others’ trust in you, and it is always evolving. Everything you say and do forms the basis of your reputation. Values matter. Protecting a great reputation that may have been built over many years means knowing clearly what you stand for, taking pride in what you do and not being afraid to stand up for it. It means dealing with problems quickly and transparently. And of course, it means communicating all of this effectively to the world.


International Media

London in the UK is seen as a media capital of Europe. UK media is frequently replicated online throughout the world in all key regions. Building brand and messaging for international companies and individuals is dependant on achieving international profile. We deliver high-impact media in the UK and US and other European countries for our clients of an unparalleled quality. A core offering in the Gulf region will be our prowess in generating an international media profile for our clients.

Strategic Communications Advice

We have decades of experience in strategic communications. The group has advised businesses of all sizes from startups to FTSE/100 in mapping a communications strategy to reflect their business objectives and long-term strategy. We pride ourselves on our creative thinking which is out of the box and allows our clients to stand out from the crowd, regardless of whether they are big or small.

Consumer Brand Building

Having helped many start-up retail, luxury and consumer-facing businesses become well-established brands, we understand how to project the key messages that can build a company’s profile and reputation.

We are experts at helping to grow and nurture a brand’s relationship with the media, influencers, consumers and other stakeholders, often in a way that reflects the character of a brand’s entrepreneurial founder.

Our expertise goes beyond communications activities and encompasses strategic business development, identifying potential partners and investors, and broader stakeholder engagement activities.

Reputation Management, Crisis Communication and Litigation Support

We specialise in reputation, crisis management and litigation support for individuals and businesses involved in litigation or experiencing high-profile issues or in the eye of the media storm. We negotiate media interest, ensuring that their point of view of what may be a complex and difficult story is properly represented and managed.

We understand that media attention may be an unwelcome distraction for people and businesses. Equally, we appreciate that others actively want to see their position made clear to the public.

Corporate & Financial PR

Long gone are the days of a company’s corporate and financial PR activities sitting in a silo and not needing to be part of a comprehensive integrated communications strategy. We are experts at delivering communications plans that enhance a company’s equity story, market visibility and ultimately its valuation. We are very experienced at amplifying corporate news flow outside the business press and understand how to tackle price sensitive and contentious issues in a fast and effective way often under extreme pressure.

Over many years, our team has advised multiple listed and private companies in the UK and overseas, providing strategic communications advice around their financial calendar activities, high profile cross-border M&A, fund raisings, regulatory affairs and crisis communications. Engagement with the investment community, perception audits, organising capital markets days, finessing messaging, drafting statements and handling profile raising for executive management is all part and parcel of our offer.